Have shift-drag on a staff add/adjust a spacer

• Mar 17, 2019 - 01:05

Hi all,

I'm a migrating Sibelius user, trying to convert my workflow as much as possible to open source software. So far, I'm very impressed with MuseScore, but there are a few things that I miss from Sibelius.

One of these things was that, in Sibelius, it was easy to manually adjust the spacing between staves. You could either control-drag, which changed the space above a staff while adjusting the spacing of the other staves to compensate, or you could shift-drag, which did the same but without changing the spacing of other staves to compensate.

I frequently find myself needing to make little adjustments like this, even with the auto-spacing feature that was added in MuseScore 3. I was happy today to discover spacers, which do exactly what I need, but I'm a little bummed by the relative clunkiness of adding them compared to the shift- or control-drag I'm used to from Sibelius.

So my proposal is: why not have shift-dragging a staff add (or adjust if one is already there) a spacer between the staff and the staff above it? I imagine that this would address a common pain point, especially for people like me who are coming from Sibelius.

Thanks for all the hard work / effort you all put in on this program: as a composer and composition-educator, I'm thrilled that such a quality program is available to all who need it.

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