Multiple MIDI output port behavior buggy (besides missing)

• Mar 23, 2019 - 02:55

Was trying to explain midi ports to someone. I explained that MS has as many "ports" as it needs internally, but only one for real midi output, because there's only one dropdown.

It turns out that MuseScore simply ignores "port" when outputting to its single midi output port (not talking about midi files). I created a trivial score with 17+ oboes. Put some notes on Port 1 channel 1, others on Port 2 channel 1. Both notes were sent out over the single midi output port as channel 1, and my instrument on channel 1 played them both!

If there is not going to be a multiple-output-port configuration possibility, the single configurable midi output port there should act as port 1 and not output commands from staves on any other port than 1. It is reasonable that it talk to the first 16 instruments, but it'd better ignore the rest.

(Or the MIDI Output dropdown can have companion box saying which # port it should claim to be, "all" not one of them).

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