Import MIDI with user specified default settings

• Oct 18, 2019 - 22:14

I've made a random MIDI file generator in python using MIDIUtil. I have it set to create hundreds of random piano scores for me to practice. While importing, I want to have the first track (right hand) set to treble clef, but it keeps defaulting to bass clef. I've found that this occurs automatically a few notes under C4. I am using a batch convert plugin in Musescore 3 to convert all these files into pdf.

It would be redundant to go into all these files manually and set the first track to treble clef for my hundreds of files. I also have to turn off clef changes manually for each file.

Is there a way to do this automatically? Basically, my MIDI files work fine if my right hand only plays notes above C4 and my left hand only plays notes below C4. I essentially want to practice reading ledger lines and the automatic clef changes make that impossible.

I've been trying to look at default import settings so that the file conversion (.mid to .pdf) occurs automatically and I don't have to individually modify the .mid files before file conversion. I've also read the documentation for MIDIUtil and don't believe that specific clef data can be added into the MIDI files.

The pdf file below shows just a sample of the random piano score I've generated. I just want MuseScore 3 to pick treble clef so I can read the ledger lines. The .mid file is another random file. It's an extreme example, but basically, if I generate random notes that far below C4, it defaults to bass clef instead of treble clef.

I'd appreciate any input into this. It may or may not be possible and I wouldn't know because my technical skills are not proficient enough to know at this point.

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