Piano-Diagram(piano version of fretboard diagram)

• Nov 14, 2019 - 07:01

Hello people!

A few years ago I got this idea to make a pianodiagram above a difficult to read chord inside sheets. Since then I have made a very difficult puzzle, did a lot of research on this subject.

I got deeply inspired by klavarskribo. It seems very obvius that somone should have made this diagram earlier but I showed people from the klavarskribo community and they where surprised by this idea. Also I couldn't find a similar idea. of course there are projects that look like this but they are all very complicated(ambrose pianotab). I wanted only to solve the 'problem' of reading gramaticly complicated chords.

- The vertical lines are representing the black keys of the piano keyboard.
- The group of three lines is little thicker than group of two.
- One group of two lines is/or can be dashed. This is the clef/position of the central c.
- The 'stem' lines are giving clarity about which notes are assigned to which hands.
- When a chord is cross hands I designed different symbols to clarify the split point.

I want to spread the idea and am asking for feedback from the musescore community! Thank you!

Philip Bergwerf

edit: I added a little chord progression so you can try it :) I made it when I was trying all different kinds of engraving.

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