3.3.X Ghost notes after volta

• Nov 14, 2019 - 14:45

I mentioned this in passing during an unrelated discussion a couple of weeks ago. This only came about because of an error on my part, but it may have implications for others.

In the attached theatre piece, I added a repeat in M.21, (second ending M.22) forgetting that a note in the string synth in M. 20 was tied into the ending. When playback hit the then-empty measure the A which was played before the first ending played throughout the second ending. This is easily fixed by adding a quarter note in the second ending to complete the tie, which somehow was left hanging when playback reached the volta.

In short, MY error was to omit placing a note to finish the tie before the first ending.
MuseScore's error was to somehow play a note where no note existed in the second ending.

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