Add Marker meta events to MIDI export

• Dec 16, 2019 - 21:12

I created some (purpose-specific) arrangements for organ using MuseScore, which I am "playing" via MIDI. I use an external editor to make the adjustments needed to make the exported MIDI file work with our organ, which is fine, but I'm finding that it's something of a hassle to find specific points in the sequence -- places where I want a registration change, for example, or where I need to adjust the articulation slightly to compensate for the acoustics of our space -- using only the measure numbers. What I would like is some way to generate marker meta events (defined on page 9 of the 1996 revision of the Standard MIDI File specification as "The name of that point in the sequence, such as a rehearsal letter or section name....") in the exported file to make navigation easier. While it would be nice to have a way to use arbitrary text (an 'export as MIDI marker' setting in the inspector or properties dialog box for staff or system text, for example), I think making the MIDI export function automatically create marker events for rehearsal marks would be perfectly adequate for most purposes. Is there any chance of getting something like this in the foreseeable future?

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