More options for MIDI remote control?

• Jan 6, 2020 - 00:42

Under the MIDI Remote Control section in Preferences, there are currently (version 3.3.4) 18 MuseScore functions that can be assigned to a MIDI keyboard controller, including play and stop, note durations, rest and tie. It would be helpful if users had more options to choose from. For example: There are applications which allow a scrolling function to be assigned to a rotary knob. I would love to be able to turn a knob to scroll left and right through a score to reach the spot where I wanted to enter or edit notes. It would also be handy to assign Rhythm and Re-pitch note entry modes to pads or knobs. Workflow becomes smoother when I can do most of the job with the control surface instead of having to use the mouse or computer keyboard. A wider choice of assignable functions would allow users to customize the process according to their needs and the physical features of their controller.

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