Improvement to 'corrupted file' screen

• Mar 16, 2020 - 16:23

The recent post about corrupted files made me think of my own experience with this issue.‎

A couple of times I have somehow messed up a measure count without realizing it. When I went to reopen the ‎score, I got a message that the file was corrupt. That is scary because you think the whole score is ‎lost (OK, I have backups, but still . . . ). I learned that if I clicked on ‘Details’ I found the problem and ‎was able to open the score and fix it – so not a big deal.‎

Could MuseScore have a different screen in such cases that would be more helpful and less frightening to ‎new users? Something like this:‎

 MuseScore found a problem with the file.  [show details here]‎
      ‎•‎ Continue opening this file 
      ‎•‎ Close 

Reserve the “Corrupted” screen for times when the file is so damaged that MuseSccore cannot open it and ‎one must resort to a backup.‎

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