Fretboard diagrams: symbols above nut

• Apr 22, 2020 - 01:29

The new "multiple dots" mechanism in fretboard diagrams has been a boon to people who use Ted Greene style chord grids, containing multiple symbol types to show fingering movement.

However one important element is missing: the symbols above the nut (otherwise used for open/muted strings via O/X) need to be part of the same multi-dot scheme. All of the symbols should be available for placement above the nut, not just the O and X; and the 'multiple dots' option should allow those symbols to coexist with the other symbols appearing on a string.

In addition, the open circle that is available above the nut should be available for use on the fretboard, and both the O and X used there should be the same size and shape as the dots added to the frets. Basically, the top position should behave just like the other fret positions.

This grid should be possible (the solid dots are the initial position, Xs appear on the next beat, boxes on the third beat).

I realize this feature set is probably not urgent for most users, but I thought I should mention it here in case this part of the system gets attention in future.

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