Midi export channels error, wrong sounds

• May 29, 2020 - 22:46

Hi everybody

I am having a problem with this one specific song i made in musescore, which plays everything alrigth in the program, but when i export the song as a midi and then listen to it, some channels are playing the wrong instrument ( for some reason always decides to play "Guitar Harmonics" instead of the original instrument, making the midi sound terrible)
When i open the midi in a midi editor, for some reason the channel are in changed tracks (not the defaiult track 1)
The channels that usually have issues are the distort guitar, slap bass, synth strings and voices
Also the midi doesnt have more than 16 channels so i see no reason for this to happen.
I attached the musescore file and the midi, if someone can help, or atleast point me what is causing this problem.

Thanks in advance

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