User control of date/time formats

• Jun 14, 2020 - 00:31

Date-and-time strings in headers or footers are useful for keeping track of versions and I think many users would welcome the chance to control directly the date and time formats. Currently Musescore determines these formats from the Language setting in Preferences. Whether one sets Language to one of those listed or to System, there is no guarantee that the date and time format generated will be the one the user wants. For example, I have set my Mac system preference to English (Canada) with date/time format 2020.06.13 1711, but when I select System in Musescore preferences, I get 2020-06-13 5:11 PM. We could all get the format we want if Musescore would allow users to enter a template string like "YYYY.MM.DD HHmm".

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