Some MDL instruments not playing

• Jul 11, 2020 - 10:40

DrumLine 1.3.1

I consistently have no sound when playing score in MDL_Flubs, MDL_Snare and MDL_SnareLine. Sometimes sound for Tenors are missing too.
I have those sounds when playing scores made by other people, but they disappear for the playback if I change the instrument sound in the mixer.
The Drumline plugin is updated in the ressource manager. All MDL sfz appear correctly in the sythetizer Zerberus.

Of note, there consistently is the same bug when I install Drumline plugin : after loading the soundfonts, the size of the software characters is set to 13, then when closing the ressource manager MuseScore crash to desktop after a few seconds. When reopen, MuseScore runs (apparently) correctly, being able to restore the crashed session.

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