non-diadic time signatures (not fake) and more tuplets freedom

• Jul 16, 2020 - 12:46

hi! I have a suggestion for musescore 3.5 when it will be release : you could add 2 things
first, the possibility of making true non-diadic time signatures (for exemple 5/9) and also cutting a part of a tuplet (for exemple keeping only the 4 first notes of a quintuplet to make a 4/20 bar), maybe also we could paste in a tuplet..
and second is the ability to make tuplets with more freedom : if i want to make a nested 13:9 ratio tuplet in a 18:5 tuplet I just can't so if I want to divide and hole note and a 16th note the whole thing in 13 I can't, why not press ctrl+MAJ+"the number"?
thank you for reading I hope I was understandable, if you didn'y understand I can send photos to be more consistent !

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