Selection filter is akward

• Nov 3, 2020 - 15:42

Some time ago I made a post about going from Musescore to Finale and I got some really good responses and saw that several of the things I would miss about Finale if I went back to Musescore were already in the plans for the next versions. However, there was a topic that I could not explain correctly due to my bad English and for some reason it does not allow me to respond in the same forum thread due to some moderation problem. I don't want to be annoying but I think this is one of the best features of Finale and I would really miss it. I share this video tutorial about the operation of the selection filter in Finale that is much better than what I could explain by text.

It seems that Musescore has the functionalities because in some way these things can already be done, only that they are more uncomfortable, the only thing that I cannot do in any way is to select different types of elements simultaneously (example articulations + dynamics + hairpins + slurs) and copy them on another staff with the same rhythm but other notes.

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