Ignoring Brackets when Hiding Empty Staves

• Nov 27, 2020 - 20:49

Is there a way to have MuseScore ignore curly and square brackets when hiding empty staves? The default behavior has it leaving space for the bracket on the left even when not visible. It's not a huge shift, but I dislike the misalignment this creates.

It's not as big a problem in example 1 because the bracket is visible on an earlier system. It makes it look like there is an internal logic. On subsequent pages, however, it leaves a gap even when there is no system with brackets (see example 2). Though the staves align with one another, it means that left-aligned text (such as in headers and footers) is further left than the systemic barline.

For context, this is for a hymnal-like project that only has keyboard parts on a handful of pages.

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