My first experience with 2.0

• Sep 1, 2014 - 07:39

I'm amazed! There are SO MANY improvements in the program I couldn't even IMAGINE as possible. MS 1.3 was a terrific piece of software, 2.0 succeeds in being even better. I think I'm going to need some time to find all the new opportunities it offers, but I'm sure I will put the needed effort in learning every nuance of this new version.
I appreciate particularly the way you kept the overall scheme of the interface consistent whit MS 1.3. This way, the "learning curve" is nearly flat, so we can be productive from the very start and get accustomed to the new features without any trouble. That's design!
Looks like, from a user perspective, most of the changes are just improvements of old features, something like "yes, that's good, but it could be done in a more intuitive and efficient way...". Well, NOW it's done in that more intuitive and efficient way! (as an example, the way one can now get the proper accidents by using the arrow keys in a much more "musical" way--that is, the software takes into account the current key signature)

Enough with compliments, in the next days I'm going to point out bugs and defect whenever I find any (if any). I think that could be my way to provide a marginal contribution to your HUGE amount of work.

Oh, just to say -- I noticed the improvements in SVG export. When saving multiple pages scores, the pages don't overlap any more. Fine! Much better than before. In my humble opinion, though, an even better choice would be saving MULTIPLE FILES (each file, one page), exactly as the PNG export does. Maybe this is a useful suggestion?

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