Subject No 2 (arranged for piano)

• Apr 11, 2021 - 10:09

I have a series of virtuosic pieces for violin and violin duets called Subjects, but many years ago when I was assembling a Subject (No. 2) on another piece of software, I exported it to a MIDI file, and then imported it into Musescore. Of course, the import used the piano as the instrument, and when I played it back, it actually sounded pretty good. So I fixed it up, imported it into Musescore 3, and this is the result. It's so much easier to work with Musescore nowadays, that you'll probably see me upload a lot more scores for your perusal.
You should be able to open this right in Musescore and it'll play it back perfectly. I challenge anyone of you who thinks you're pretty good playing the piano to try this on for size.

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Subject No 2 (piano) - final.mscz 38.89 KB

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