MusicXML - timing matters - recommended protocol

• May 15, 2021 - 18:57

Attached is my Technical Note "MusicXML–note timing–proposed protocol". In it I define a protocol covering the "timing" aspects of note encoding in MusicXML that I recommend be adopted by MuseScore.

Also attached is my Technical Report "MusicXML—the duration element". which discusses in excruciating detail my thoughts in this overall, and very complicated, issue.

Also attached is my Technical note "MusicXML–note timing–proposed protocol", which gives a more concise discussion of the overall issue.

I beg the indulgence of my colleagues here with any errors in these documents or their handling. Our household is a bit "scrambled" owing to the fact that my wife had major surgery (in another city) on 2021.04.30. The surgery went well, and she is home now and doing well with her recovery, but it will be lengthy. We are so fortunate that many of our friends have chipped in to shop for groceries, help with doing the laundry, bringing us meals, and such. But my young behind (this past Monday was my 85th birthday) is well worn out, and I am not fully in possession of what I like to think of as my faculties.

Best regards, stay safe, and may the Muse be with you.


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