Chord entry using MIDI keyboard when the duration goes over the barline.

• May 29, 2021 - 19:11

I use a MIDI keyboard for note entry, and it works really great! The thing that I like the most is that to enter a chord, I just play it on my keyboard, without having to worry about pressing shift or something. Except, when the duration of the chord I want to enter goes over the barline (i.e. I want to enter a half-note chord but there's only an eighth-note left in the bar), then the chord entry breaks: it only enters one of the note before the barline (I'm assuming the one I'm pressing first) and all the notes after the barline, with the note it did add before tied over (see attached gif). I then have to go back and re-add the missing notes. Could you make it so the chord entry works even over the barline?

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Chord Entry Bug.gif 30.29 KB

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