Hymn to Hope by Secret Garden's Rolf Lovland is now Live on MuseScore

• Jun 26, 2021 - 13:59

In 1995, a Norwegian composer named Rolf Lovland teamed up with a beautiful Irish violinist named Fionnuala Sherry to form a new group in Europe. They named it the "Secret Garden". During their first public performance, they won the most coveted first prize in the Eurovision Song Contest. Later that year, they released their 1st Album, titled "Songs from a Secret Garden". It sold over 1 million copies and went platinum, sending the band into worldwide fame. Several of its songs are on MuseScore.

In 1997, they released a 2nd album named "White Stones". On it was a magical and beautiful instrumental song named "Hymn of Hope". Featuring Fionnuala's magnificent violin solo and the haunting sound of the Irish Uillean Pipes, the song became a platinum seller on its own. Some fans feel it is the most beautiful of all the songs performed by the group.

I have carefully strived to capture the beauty of the Hymn of Hope in its melodic glory, using 7 instruments. Several were drawn from free soundfonts not included in MuseScore's default font, particularly the violin. I have uploaded the sound file to play with this score. If you want to obtain the fonts, just email me at fsgregs@comcast.net and I will tell you where to get them. Note that the Uillean Pipes are not on any Soundfont I can locate, so I substituted a great violin font for it.

Here is a link to it: https://musescore.com/user/725791/scores/6840314

Enjoy. If you like the effort, please rate the song.

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