Updating Tommaso Cucinotta's PIanoTutor to current MuseScore stable release

• Oct 20, 2021 - 21:22

There have been many posts and links about Tommaso Cucinotta's excellent PianoTutor project which provides "Wait Mode" with Midi Input + LEDs. I had seen this a while back, but always thought it was just about the LEDs, but I just recently learned it works great without any LEDs and just a Midi keyboard. With just the keyboard, it offers similar features found in many other learning apps combined with the all the full notation and playback features found in MuseScore. It's really amazing.

Anyway, the github releases are a fork based on a MuseScore3.0 dev (unstable) build. While it works fine enough for playback purposes, I was wondering what it would take to merge it back into the current stable MuseScore 3.6 release which has lots of other fixes/features (particularly on the mixer panel where there were some imporvements to the UI). The repository is all on github https://github.com/tomcucinotta/MuseScore/wiki, but I don't know enough about the coding/compiling/build process to figure out how to merge it back in.

Anyone have any ideas how this would be done or any interest in compiling new installable versions based on the current MuseScore? Thanks.

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