User defined tracks for the Timeline

• Mar 30, 2022 - 19:13

After a great deal of effort I got the Timeline working.

Would it be possible to add in one or more user defined tracks - similar to Rehearsal Marks - for comments or text notes? Also there could be more than one user - so as to enable cooperative working.

At the moment I tend to use rehearsal marks as landmarks, but I have no real intention of them ever seeing the light of day in a final score. For example, a section might be marked as "Reharmonise from here to .... " or
"Check this part", or indeed any kind of note which a creator might write on a score to make changes or suggestions.

For cooperative working a comment might be "Jake will write these 20 bars" - or "Please ask Jane to orchestrate this part- next 32 bars" etc.

Also, could the timeline be enhanced further with a search feature? I can envisage such a feature being useful.

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