Suggestions for sound font voices for Native American flute?

• Nov 26, 2022 - 04:29

I am writing scores for Native American flute, and I would like to choose sounds that are closer to the instruments.

I am also defining instruments for NAFs of various keys, partially because NAFs are transposing instruments. No matter what key the flute is, it is written as if it were an F# minor instrument (4 sharps = F# Dorian).

For notation, I am using Nakai tablature (4 sharps) plus the Clint Goss fingering plug-in.

I would like your suggestions for sounds to try, that sound like Native American instruments.

So far, I am using the following:

Mid-range NAF: Baroque Oboe
Frame drum: Timpani

I also need sounds for:
Soft rattle (shaker)
Hard rattle (shaker) (like a morocco)
Hard rattle (continuous)
Ankle bells

Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Here is what I have so far, using standard instrument definitions:
This is an unlisted draft. I still need to make some melody changes, and add the rattles parts.

David D.

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