Some suggestions and a bug

• Dec 17, 2022 - 07:55

I have some (small quality of life) suggestions for the new musescore 4:
1) Allow users to change the width of the side bars.

2) Currently, if I pull out a panel from the side bar,
and decide to put it back, it is automatically set as the last tab. I think it would help if users could change the order of the menus in the left side bar, kind of how one can rearrange the tabs on a web browser.

3) I have a couple suggestions for things to add to the top bar:
- A button to the preferences menu (it took me some time to find it)
- I quite liked some of the buttons that were in musescore, such as undo/redo, print, save, etc.
- Maybe have a way for users to add a mini palette on the top by dragging and dropping items from the main palettes. For example, if I dragged the tempo palette to the top, a small section would appear at the top with some of the tempo features. Of course, having a neat interface is good but it would be nice if users could further customize the top bar to include items they use a lot.

4) Allow users to directly search for an item in the customize toolbar menu. Also allow users to rename separator lines.

5) After typing in the last note of a line, musescore will automatically move the page so that the next measure is visible, if it was not visible already. This can be an annoyance when writing for multiple parts since I have to scroll back to edit the other parts. I think a checkbox to toggle this automatic action would resolve this.

Some small visual improvements:
6) Extend the length of the dropdown for the font faces. I am unable to see the full name of items even if I extend the menu size.

7) The Muse Sounds bubbles do not align after scrolling all the way to the left, but do align after scrolling all the way to the right (as shown)
7.1.png 7.2.png

8) There is a bug for the playback bar that occurs where the numbers are jumbled at the end. This occurs even when pulled out.

That said, huge thanks to the musescore staff for the many improvements in musescore 4! I appreciate the hard work you all have put in :D and sorry if I sound nitpicky.


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