• Jan 18, 2023 - 15:53

I have had a continuous problem with chord symbols in Musescore 4 - not being able to make inversion chord symbols reflect horizontally above a note. They keep on appearing as slash chords ie with one letter superscript followed by a forward slash sign followed by a subscript letter, which is very annoying as they take up unnecessary space above a score especially when you still have to add 4 verses of lyrics..... How do I set the software to line it all up horizontally? I also am unable to squeeze a whole lot of notes that simply have to go in one bar in the one bar, it goes off the page.... Another problem that has arisen in Musescore 4 is that although you set your chord symbols and lyrics etc via Format/Style/Text Styles/Chord Symbols etc, if you manually change anything in the score relating to the offset of a chord symbol, it goes and changes 20 other bars randomly, so you end up having chord symbols on a stave! My students are mostly elderly who struggle with their eyesight, so making the noteheads smaller, is so not an option either. I am a piano improvisation teacher and transcribe approximately 10 pieces a day inbetween lessons so time is always of the essence. I hope someone can assist here. Otherwise, I am totally in love with the latest version of Musescore and well done to the guys who made it happen.

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