Unusual Tuplet and unable to join or edit the beam properties of one note in the Tuplet

• Mar 19, 2023 - 17:45


I have a unique situation (at least to me) with a transcription score I am currently working on. I did the score originally in Version 3.X of MuseScore and upgraded to version 4.X.

The piece I am working on has some unusual tuplets, which took me almost 2 hours to get correct in Version 3.X. When I opened the piece in Version of MuseScore and was reorganizing the individual movements of this piece - MuseScore printed the Tuplet with the correct number of notes (see screenshot of the measure in question). In this measure there are two tuplets - a 10 note using 32nd notes and a five note using 32nd notes connected to a real 8th note which is tied over to next note.

The 5 note tuplet came out unscathed. However, the 10 note tuplet broke the beam to the final note of the 10. I tried clicking on the penultimate note of the group and used the Palettes - Beam Properties feature to "join beams". This did nothing. So I proceeded to click on the note head/stem/beam individually to edit the item.

I got the stem and Beam on the correct side of the note. I attempted to straighten the beam to "horizontal" and then also tried the Beam Properties in Edit mode to "join Beams" Nothing, Remove the beam entirely and nothing happened and I also tried every permeation available and nothing.

I also attempted to move the entire note/stem/beam left using edit feature for placement of each element.

It moves the size of the measure around and I can get the note/stem/beam close to the grouping but, still cannot join the beam or at least manipulate the angle of the now horizontal beam to be somewhat connected to the tuplet group but there is no "handle" on the beam and I followed the manual guide suggested steps to change the angle of the beam, but some of the features were not available in the new version (I do have an up-to-date, user manual for this version).

I seriously do not want to go through the several hours that it took to recreate this complicated tuplet and risk completely messing up the now 99.99% edited movement.

Other than that issue and some minor issues with Articulation/Ties misbehaving and not really editable especially for long slurs over several systems (they always seems to move with the handles and as soon as you release the mouse click - the articulation goes back to the way it was originally), I do not have any other issues. MuseScore is still light years ahead of everything else that is available on the market and generally does the correct/right thing with a score especially with automatically placing everything pretty-much where it should go. Attached is a screenshot of the measure in question.

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