MS4 crashes - Connected to SteelSeries?

• Apr 4, 2023 - 16:42

Hey everyone,
As some of the others I also encounter frequent crashes when opening MS4 on Win11. As some of the previous entries in the forum suggested, I switched my main sound settings to a different Output device (in my case from "SteelSeries Arctic 7 - Chat" to my ASUS monitor). That worked out fine.
When MS4 has opened, and I try to choose my headphones again in either the system settings or the MS Audio settings, MS4 crashes in an instant.
Some others have also pointed out to turn off SteelSeries Sonar. Since I do not have installed that programme I can only assume that there is some general incompatibility with SteelSeries products.
Is it possible that MS4 crashes because of the two audio channels the headphones provide?
The Hheadphone can split sound sources into two channels called "Chat" and "Game" and you can mix volume and panning between those two channels on the headphones themselves. Might this cause any problems related to the crashes?


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