Copying between parts that contain 2-measure repeats

• Apr 29, 2023 - 18:37

When I copy a part to another part and the original part contains 2-measure repeats they are being omitted (and thus shown as multi-measure rests).

I hope this will be fixed soon as it is taking a lot of extra work.
I usually insert part 1, then copy it to part 2 and edit it (if the parts are similar in rhythms, like trumpet 1 and 2).
Editing is done in the individual part (as the score is very small on the screen if it contains lots of parts).
If I want to reapply the 2 measure repeat in cant be done on a multi-measure rest, so I need to use M to explode the multi-measure rests, then add the 2 measure repeat, and finally press M again to show the multi-measure rests again (which are also common in my parts).

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