Apply Symbols from Palette - AutoHotkey macros for MU4

• Jun 7, 2023 - 23:43

The MU4 development team has an ongoing effort to make all Palette symbols accessible via shortcuts. Much work has been done already by Rahul Garg VanSHOE in the Google Summer of Code 2022. See and
It is an old wish of the community and surely a big job. It is unknown when it will be fully implemented.

In the meantime community members on the Windows platform can benefit from AutoHotkey macros which make full use of the extended navigation shortcuts added to the program. see

You'll find the macros as text files on (Change the extension into .ahk)

There are shortcuts for all symbols of the Default workspace including those in the palette 'More' fields. The exceptions are those in the Accordion and Bagpipe embellishments palettes. Of the Accidentals only the standard ones and the Gould arrow accidentals are included plus arrow down and arrow up.
Moreover quite a few palette symbols get extra functionality by their immediate access to the Properties side panel.

As always with AutoHotkey there is a DIY part as described in the pdf.

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