option to consolidate Fretboard Diagrams?

• Jun 25, 2023 - 00:55

Hi folks!

Doing a lead sheet with fretboard diagrams, and it's not fitting on one page. I think the diagrams are burning too much vertical space.

I've seen other scores (sample below) that consolidate all distinct diagrams to the top (or bottom) of a chart, keeping the score area more tidy. Obviously I don't want to redo everything from scratch, either for this score or all the other scores I might like to try this on. Plus it would be nice to have the flexibility of going back and forth, since sometimes my users prefer inline diagrams.

So, is there an option I can select that will remove all the diagrams and consolidate them, in order of appearance, into a grid outside the score area, and then return them back to inline if reversed?

Thanks in advance!

consolidated diagrams.png

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