Problems with use of MIDI controler in MS4

• Sep 11, 2023 - 22:56

I have one problem and one suggestion. When composing, a MIDI controller comes in handy (specifically, I have an iCON Keyboard X). However, I have a problem with MuseScore4 that didn't exist with MuseScore3. When note editing is off, I can't hear what I'm playing. If I turn on note input, then of course I can't try out ideas. Because of this I am forced to either use other software as a synth, which would mean switching the MIDI controller in MS4 on and off every time, or use an independent synth with its own sound generator. It's very clumsy, unlike MS3.

The second is a proposal. Keyboard X, like many other such controllers or keyboard workstations, besides the keyboard itself, has another MIDI controller for controlling something, including an editor like MS. That controller has very handy buttons like play, stop, record, rewind and similar. It is possible to customize the MS4 and control the functions using these buttons, but it is not possible to use these controls with the keyboard at the same time, because the MS4 only listens to one MIDI control. Can you make two?

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