Setup the Oxygen Pro Mini with Musescore

• Feb 12, 2024 - 14:21

Hi everyone,

I recently bought the M-Audio Oxygen Pro Mini midi controller and I want to explain how to setup it with Musescore because it's not easy.

The probleme with the Oxygen Pro serie is that you can't use both the keys and the transport buttons (play, stop, etc.) because they are in separate midi ports, which are:

  • Oxygen Pro Mini USB MIDI --> Preset Mode
  • Oxygen Pro Mini MIDI DIN
  • Oxygen Pro Mini Mackie/HUI --> DAW Mode
  • Oxygen Pro Mini Editor

It's not a problem on DAWs because when you want to play notes you select the midi device (here Oxygen Pro Mini USB MIDI) in the track you want, and to use the transports buttons you select the transport controller on an other window (here Oxygen Pro Mini Mackie/HUI). But when I use Musescore I have to choose one of the 4 ports so I can't have the notes and the transport at the same time. This is frustrating because the only way to have both is to select "Oxygen Pro Mini USB MIDI" in I/O preferences and to map the transports to others buttons (On the Oxygen Pro Mini you have 4 mapping buttons named Arp, Latch, Chords and Scale). There must be a better way.

So the solution might be to combines the two in midi ports to a single out midi port. I couldn't find a software like this that runs on Mac so I decided to create mine with MAX MSP. I made an application that you run while you are using Musescore :…

About the application and MAX MSP:
The app only works on Mac (my OS : 12.0.1 Monterey) but it will probably not work with older OS. However you can made your own application, even if you are on Mac or Windows. On the link above there is the patcher that I used to make the app. So if you have MAX MSP or the free version you can download it and open it. Then File --> Built Collective/application --> click on "Build" --> in Filetype select "application" and click on "Save". Now wait and when you see "Finished script on the build window, close the build window and MAX MSP. Then you can run the app.

This are the instructions to setup the app:
- Open the application
- Select the input midi 1 (for me "Oxygen Pro Mini USB MIDI")
- Select the input midi 2 ("Oxygen Pro Mini Mackie/HUI")
- Select the ouput midi. It can be anything. I'm using the SSL12 audio interface which has 2 midi ports (in and out). So I connected the out midi port to the in midi port with a normal midi cable. I select the ouput midi "SSL12" on the app.
- Let the application opened while you're using Musescore.

Now in Musescore preferences, I choose "SSL12" in the midi I/O settings and I can use my entire midi controller. I also had to modify a few parameters in the M-Audio Editor, but it depends on what controller you use. The preset that I use is on my drive with the app.

I hope it will help you and make you life easier.

Best regards

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