Score design and parts generation from voices not really supported

• Feb 24, 2024 - 13:55

Having used Lilypond for many years, I’ve started to use MuseScore since a few months. Overall, for standard engraving and “normal” tasks, MuseScore is easy to use and, at least in my case, almost no crashes at all since 4,2.x.

For larger scores, however, with many instruments, I have a lot of problems. Not so much with the note entry but in generating the appropriate parts. As I see it, MuseScore the score is the master from which you generate the parts. If you don't want to "play" with invisible staffs, voices etc, the score you engrave is what you want to see printed.

To save space in a score I've combined two instruments in one stave with two voices which is normal in larger orchestral works. Obviously, for the musicians, I want to create one part for each instrument.

In the attached example, I’ve two instruments, Violin I (voice 1) and II (voice 2) combined in one stave. Just now I’m extremely frustrated, because MuseScore seems to be designed as one instrument one part. The “normal” score with instrument in voices appears not really supported.

I’ve no problem to extract the music but it is completely in the gray how you define dynamics, text etc such that it is linked to the voice and properly extracted for the individual parts. In the picture, I’ve identified issues with the extraction. The MS file is attached as well.

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