A plugin for editing guitar tuning pre-sets

• Apr 1, 2024 - 18:55

I was very glad to see the introduction of the facility to change guitar tunings on the fly within a piece of music, with the option being given of choosing from a variety of common tunings and also a "custom" tuning option that the end user could program themselves.

The only outstanding issue with this is that you can only save one custom tuning per score and you cannot assign it a name.

My question is therefore how difficult would it be to develop a plugin to allow end-users to:

1) Assign their own multiple custom tunings to their scores, each one with its own user-assigned name,
2) Edit the existing built-in library of common guitar tunings to add their own preferred named tunings, and/or remove those tunings they may not be interested in using?

I would have thought such a plug-in would be very useful to those guitarists keen to experiment with custom tunings (especially those playing extended-range guitars) and could in time be incorporated into future MS builds.

Your constructive comments will be warmly appreciated.

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