some thoughts on additions for chord playback

• Apr 11, 2024 - 09:55

The chord playback-function has lots of nice options. Since the list is already quite long, there would be no harm in adding a few other useful options. :-) I thought I'd test my thoughts here, to see if there's things I hadn't thought of before adding a feature request on github. Please, add your two cents below :-)

For the voicings tab:

No bass notes: I would quite like an option without bass notes, so that there's no notes under lets say G3. We wouldn't necessarily play the root (or specified bass note) as the lowest voice, but play some relevant inversion of the chord. This would be great when you want to hear basic chords (like in a slash piano-part) over a written bass line.

Shell voicings: I'd love a shell voicing option, playing only thirds and sevenths only. Maybe also an option with the root as well. Great for jazz-stuff.

Basic guitar chords: programming in basic guitar voicings, possibly restricted to basic voicings within the first five frets or so (guitarists, chime in here) would be lovely to have.

New feature:

Rolled chord-mode. Rather than all notes at once, adding a basic little arpeggio could be lovely. Especially using the new acoustic guitar sounds (and a guitar voicong option), rolling chord playback would be wonderful.

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