Reverb on exported audio

• Nov 10, 2014 - 13:06

I have to say I've been very impressed with the quality of the organ sounds I get using 2.0 beta with my soundfonts. It's equal to - if not better than - Sibelius playing through a Creative sound card!

Another major advantage for me is being able to export the sound directly as a .wav or.mp3; with my old version of Sibelius I had to use a separate sound recorder app to "record what U hear", and then do a .wav to .mp3 conversion.

One thing I've noticed is that the .wav and .mp3 files created by 2.0 beta both have a slight amount of reverb on, which is not present when playing the score directly. Should I expect to hear exactly the same, or does the export process add some further audio effects?


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