Floating windows (F10 Mixer, F11 Play Panel) - scroll up (hide) when clicked

• Feb 11, 2015 - 10:51


Thank you again (and again) for great software!
And a long bow to TAB author(s?), it looks and feels great.

I would have following suggestion:
- when floating windows (F10 Mixer, F11 Play Panel etc.) are open, if I click on the window TOP border, the window itself would scroll up (semi-hide), but stay there and not obscure the i.e. playing view.

I need this since when I rehearse parts of song, I use 'Loop & Repeat' functions, and also I set the initial speed to slow one. I practice some distance from computer keyboard, so reaching hotkeys (F10...) every time I increase the speed (or volume) is a bit tedious.

The example of described function are SketchUp's floating windows. Attached is a screen shot.
MS2 Feature Request - Floating window hide and show.pdf

Best regards,

S love nia

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