target intention

• Jan 11, 2009 - 10:02

With the advent of ports out for Mscore, i've setup a GM patch/bank template in Linuxsampler with the intention of using LS as the 'soundfont playback device."

But for the life of me, i can't get Mscore to play with Linuxsampler and Jack, because i get an RTC timer error. Mscore wants the timer, and won't play without it. (Sequencer failed). If i start Mscore first, to grab the timer, then Jack doesn't want to play.

Any clues as to how i can use Mscore, with Linuxsampler as the playback device, using jack for audio and midi?

mscore svn latest
jackdmp svn latest
UBstudio rt kernel (hardy 2.6.24-22rt)


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