Play mode

Updated 1 year ago
This page shows old instructions for MuseScore 1.
For MuseScore 4 users, see Play mode.

MuseScore has an integrated sequencer and synthesizer to play your score.

By pressing the Play play.png button, you enter Play mode. In Play mode, the following commands are available:

  • Seek to previous chord
  • Seek to next chord
  • Seek to previous measure Ctrl+ (Mac: )
  • Seek to next measure Ctrl+ (Mac: )
  • Rewind to start of score Home (Mac: +Home)
  • Toggle show play panel F11 (Mac: ++P)

Press the play button again to stop and exit Play mode.

MuseScore starts playback from the place it last left off. If you select a note, MuseScore plays from there instead. The toolbar also has a rewind button to quickly return to the beginning of the score for playback.

To also play repeats, activate the play-repeats.png Enable/Disable Repeats-Button.

Play Panel

The Play Panel offers more controls over playback, including tempo, starting position, and general volume. From the main menu, choose DisplayPlay Panel to open the Play Panel.

The play panel allows you to adjust tempo and volume