Updated 8 years ago
This page shows old instructions for MuseScore 1.
For MuseScore 4 users, see Tempo.

Playback tempo can be changed via the play panel, or via tempo text in the score.

Play panel

  • Display the play panel: DisplayPlay Panel
  • Change the Beats per Minute (bpm) using the Tempo (Tmp) slider

Tempo text

  • Select a note to indicate where the tempo text should be created
  • From the main menu: CreateText...Tempo...
  • Press OK to finish

Existing tempo text can be changed by double-clicking the text to enter edit mode. You can use text editing to add a quarter note or another duration for a metronome mark in the tempo text.
Metronome mark: Andante quarter note = 75

Beats per minute (BPM, quarter notes per minute) on existing tempo text can be adjusted by right-clicking on the text and selecting Tempo Properties...

Note: Playback of tempo text may be faster or slower than the specified BPM if the tempo setting in the play panel is not set to 100 percent.