31-TET Retuning plugin (Musescore 2)

Playback support for 31-TET (31 notes per octave)


The accidentals used are as follows:

Double flat - 5 steps down
3/4-tone flat (looks like 'db') - 4 steps down
flat with down arrow - 3 steps down
flat - 2 steps down
natural with down arrow / flat with up arrow - 1 step down

natural with up arrow / sharp with down arrow - 1 step up
sharp - 2 steps up
sharp with up arrow - 3 steps up
3/4-tone sharp (sharp with three vertical lines) - 4 steps up
double sharp - 5 steps up

Custom key signatures need to be added into the dialog in order to be applied. Make a selection before retuning to retune and use a particular key signature for a particular section of a song. If no selection is made, the whole score will be retuned as such.

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