Add Note-Name Noteheads

Creates noteheads with alphabetic or solfege names inside of them, and adds them to a score, overlaying them on existing noteheads. Existing underlying noteheads may be made invisible on or off the staff, or given a colored (white is recommended) background if visible.

User dialog allows choice of alpha or solfa noteheads. For solfa, choose fixed or movable Do, and major or minor key signature. User may also choose notehead color from the dialog. User may also adjust vertical positioning of the noteheads in the UI dialog, and set visibility of underlying noteheads.

The plugin detects key signature changes (for solfa noteheads) but interprets all of them either as major or minor, depending on the user selection.

Noteheads are Staff Text. Some manual adjustment might be necessary for horizontal positioning.

Requires MuseScore 2.0.
Not needed in Musescore 3 or 4 anymore, see Notehead schemes resp. Alternative notehead schemes

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