Advanced Tuplets

A MuseScore plugin for more precise & customisable tuplet input.



  • See the actual length of the tuplets you input, not just the ratio
  • Completely customisable length, no need for the split measures hack
  • Copy notes into the tuplet, instead of the tuplet simply replacing them
  • Create nested tuplets otherwise impossible to make
  • The plugin detects invalid tuplets before they are created
  • MuseScore 3 and 4 compatible



  • Full fledged support for nested tuplets
  • Improved corruption detection, error detection for nested tuplets
  • Fixed visual glitch in the bracket type UI


  • Input smaller notes (128th-1024th)
  • Basic corruption detection system
  • Bug fix: tuplets can now be created in the last measure of a score


  • Fixed bug where some dotted tuplets were incorrectly declared invalid
  • Fixed bug where the plugin didn't correctly apply saved settings


Plugin Window Screenshot


Download all the files, unzip them and move them to MuseScore's plugins folder.

For more help installing this plugin, see the handbook: MuseScore 3 | MuseScore 4.


Running the plugin via plugins tab or via a shortcut opens the tuplet input window. If the plugin thinks the currently entered tuplet is invalid, it won't allow it to be created.
If the tuplet is valid, pressing OK will add it to the currently selected note/rest. If no note/rest is selected, the plugin will retroactively create the tuplet on the next selected note/rest.

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