Articulation and Ornamentation Control

Plugins to manipulate note attack and release and compose ornamentation, toward the goal of facilitating artistic phrasing. See the documentation provided at the link at the bottom!!! Download by clicking the "Download" link below.

These plugins require MuseScore 3.3 or later! MuseScore 3.3 is currently scheduled for release October 2019, but is now available in Beta release here: .

But for right now, here's some tasty demo fruit (online, you don't need any MuseScore version to play):

These plugins eliminate the need to struggle with the Piano Roll Editor, or customize portati via MSCX editing. Scores customized with these plugins will play correctly in any version of MuseScore 3, including on the site.

appoggiatura.qml v. 3.1 — 3 Sept 2019 This new version of the appoggiatura plugin allows control of fine overlap between the appoggiature and the main note, producing subtle enhanced legato. To hear this effect in action, listen to the last measure in particular of this score of mine . Please read

DockArticulate.qml v. 3.5— 5 Oct 2019 New, additional, plugin provides the functionality of articulate.qml as a docked (always-visible) dialog/UI element, which is often more convenient. The old one is not going away. MuseScore Beta or better is required. Please see


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