Check Fux Counterpoint

This plugin checks for wellformedness of counterpoint according to Fux' rules for species counterpoint as stated in his "Gradus ad Parnassum". Errors are added as staff text.

This screenshot may explain it better:…

When you run the plugin, the "check counterpoint" dialog appears. In the dialog, you'll find:
- the species combobox. Select the counterpoint species to check for. (Currently only 1st species is supported)
- the Cantus Firmus combobox. Select the staff that contains the Cantus Firmus. Only voice1 of that staff will be taken into account
- the Counterpoint combobox. Select the staff that has the counterpoint against the cantus firmus.
- The ok button. Push it to check the counterpoint.
After pushing the ok button, the plugin checks all notes. If it finds errors, it will color the respective note red, and it will add a staff text explaining the error. If you started musescore from within a terminal, you might see more info about what the plugin is doing.

Currently, only 1st species counterpoint is implemented. Apart from checking the counterpoint, it also checks for the rules for wellformedness for the Cantus Firmus, as stated by Fux.

Feel free to submit pull requests if you want to collaborate:

This github project also has a couple of sample musescore files for all of the first species counterpoint exercises from Fux' book.

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