Chord Identifier (Musescore 2.3)


  • Shows chords used in classical music: triads (major, minor, diminished) and seventh chords (MM7, m7, Mm7, dim7).
  • Identify chords and put chords symbol between treble staff and bass staff.
  • Identify chord by measure, you can also define how many chords in one measure.


  1. Download
  • Download chordIdentifier.qml
  • Put the chordIdentifier.qml in the MuseScore/plugins folder
    (basically "%HOMEPATH%\Documents\MuseScore2\Plugins" in Windows
    for Mac or Linux ,please see

  • Restart MuseScore.

  • Go to menu "Plugins"→"Plugin Manager" , Enable the plugin "chord Identifer" (you can also associate a shortcut). then click "OK"
  1. Run plugin.
    Go to menu Plugins→Chords→Chord Identifier, then the plugin should dock on bottom-left of Musescore UI.
    Then set parameters and click "OK"


  • Chord Per Measure: you need to define how many chords per measure for your specific score.

  • Chord in: notes in your choice staff (Grand/treble/all) will be used for chord identification. Treble+ grand mode will ignore the highest note(melody)

  • Symbol :
    Normal chord ( C F7 Gm )
    Roman Chord level ( Ⅳ)
    Normal+Roman (C/I)

  • Bass: it will figure out a bass note if bass note is not a chord root note, such as (C/G )

  • Highlight chord notes: chord notes display on a different color.

  • Create New Chord Score: create a new chord-only score

  1. Tips
  • you can try to set different parameters to get a different result, Ctr+Z can undo.
  • Default it is for the whole score if you don't select any also works on a selected portion, such as several is useful for a complicated score, such as 4/4 ->3/4 beat changing in a staff.
  • you can adjust chord symbols manually if think it is not right or not accuracy.
  • if the gap is too narrow between treble staff and bass staff, you can change it, Muscore→Style→General→Page→Grand staff distance.

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