Crescendo or Diminuendo Note Velocities

Sets velocity values for crescendos and diminuendos. To use, you must set the velocity value of the first and last notes, either manually by right clicking on the note and going to properties, or the preferred way, but simply using one of the dynamic markings such as Pianissimo, Forte, Mezzoforte, etc. Select the notes from FIRST to LAST (an 'extended' selection, marked with a blue rectangle), then just click on the plugin and it will automatically set the velocity values. The only velocity values that are important are the first and last, the ones in between will automatically be changed regardless of current value. It can go either way, set the first note louder, and the last note more quiet, or vice versa, and it will automatically increment the velocities up or down accordingly.

  • V0.1 - First version.
  • V0.2 - I just made some bug fixes, it should now work flawlessly (hopefully at least).
  • V0.3 - Added dialog to inform user if their MuseScore version is less than version 1.1.
  • V0.4 - Simplified code, fixed two bugs and one potential problem with 2.0+.
  • V0.5 - Now it works on all (up to 4) voices in the selection.
  • V0.6 - Now it works on all selected staves.
  • V0.7 - Changes to score can now be undone, move to GitHub.
  • V0.8 - add option to color the notes the plugin worked on (see below).
  • V0.9 - Fixing a 'fence post' error, miscalculating the intervals and fixing omission of voice n+1 if voice n had no notes


To enable the coloring of notes the plugin worked on, change the plugin code:

// Set to true, if you want this plugin to color all notes blue it changed 
// velocity on. Use the blacknotes plugin to turn them black as needed
var colorit = false; 

Set 'colorit' to 'true' instead.
To get rid of the color, use lasconic's Remove Notes Color plugin .
To revert the velocity settings, use magataganm's Reset Note Velocities plugin

This plugin does not work in 2.0, nor is it needed there, as velocity changes on hairpins are supported nativly.

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