Display music as shakuhachi notation

This plugin opens the current score using the ShakuViewer Java program, which displays it as shakuhachi notation. More information about ShakuViewer is available here: //sites.google.com/site/razvanswebsite/software/shakuviewer .

Assuming that ShakuViewer is already installed on your system, you will need to download the attached plugin file called OpenInShakuViewer.qml, then install it in MuseScore. For plugin installation instructions see: //musescore.org/en/handbook-advanced-topics/plugins#installation .

NOTE: After installing the plugin in the appropriate MuseScore directory, you need to change the variable SV_PATH in the plugin file to point to the actual location where ShakuViewer is installed on your computer.

The plugin will appear as a menu entry in the Plugins menu called Open in ShakuViewer. When you select it, the currently opened score will be converted to MusicXML format, and saved in the directory where KotoViewer is installed as a file named plugin_score.xml. This file will then be automatically opened in ShakuViewer.

In case you encounter any errors (ShakuViewer doesn't start, no score is displayed, etc.), note that plugin output is not yet saved to a file, as the procedure to do this is not clear, so you will need to run the standalone ShakuViewer from the command line and check the output directly.


This plugin was created at the suggestion of Hiroshi Tachibana, the developer of the "Shakuhachi and Shinobue" MuseScore plugin: //musescore.org/en/project/shakuhachi .

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