Dulcimer Tab

This is a plugin for MuseScore 2.x and 3.x to add Dulcimer tablature notation.

1. The code was almost entirely borrowed (copied) from various plugins by lasconic
2. Only supports melody (not chords)
3. Currently supports the 6+ (and 13+) but no other half frets. Other half frets can be added if there is interest.
4. Currently does not add TAB for grace notes.

1. Select the note of the melody string for which you want TAB. So, for DAA select “A,” for DAD select “D,” etc.
2. Select the location where you want the TAB placed.
3. Press “OK”

Installation: install according to the instructions in the manual.

On Windows you can install by:
1. Right clicking on the file and saving in the "plugins" folder below the "MuseScore2" folder
2. Enabling via the Plugin Manager

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