Element Analyser

Element Analyser is an plugin for MuseScore that allows to retrieve the properties of an element.
It is working with MuseScore 3.x and 4.x (although the UI in 4.x must be fine-tuned).


  • It provides a User Interface for displaying those properties, as well as
  • A re-usable library to incorporate debug and element-analyze into your own plugins.

As a User Interface it provides a simple and straightforward analyse of the selected element and its parents.
As a library it provides rich and highly configurable functions to tailor the analyse needed when building your own plugins.

Download and Install

Download the last stable version.
For installation see Plugins : the folder elementanalyser\ must be placed in your plugins folder.

Important remark

The GUI version is a slow process. It might give the impression to bring MuseScore unstable. The user might be tempted to force MuseScore down, but it is unnecessary. The window will get updated at the end of the process.

Usage as a library

In order to incorporate the Element Analyser library in your own plugins for debug purposes, please refer to the plugin's README on its GitHub page


For discussions, issues, improvement ideas, please get to the Element Analyser feedback discussion.

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